Project Management

This select cadre of traveling construction veterans has honed their skills and experience in the most challenging labor jurisdictions and sophisticated project sites throughout the country. By design Scheck Industries management resources are fully integrated. Project Teams have cross-trained across all our national market segments giving our organization flexibility to resource project specific challenges. Project Teams have coordinated oversight from the senior leadership of the Company all of whom have extensive field and trade experience.

This legacy and model of service excellence began when Rich Scheck, at age 25, became one of the youngest Foremen in the entire United Association of Pipefitters. Rich Scheck’s reputation took hold in the UA as a young man who could turn around problem projects. This deep domain expertise is the hallmark of Scheck Project Teams as well as training top talent from the construction trades.

Our seasoned Project Teams are equipped with state-of-the-art project tools. The result of over $1 billion of capital construction during the last 25 years, Scheck Industries has refined a custom platform and various control processes for all its projects. The client is provided with a clear, concise, and timely status report of the project throughout the construction cycle. Our systems are designed to keep the client fully informed at all times of the critical aspects of the project.  Scheck’s platform provides tailored periodic reports to document the administration and progress of the project. Progress is recorded and action logs are created to establish accountability and ensure a smooth workflow.

This process results in consistent coordinated and collaborative execution of the project ensuring the delivery of client satisfaction.




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