Why Scheck?

Why should you choose Scheck Industries for your project? See what our previous clients have had to say about our workforce, our safety program, our project management and controls systems and our quality control solutions. Our number one goal is that you, the customer, are satisfied and will ask us back for the next project or refer us to someone else.

Client Testimonials

At Scheck we value the feedback and testimonials that we have received from our clients as we continue to strive for complete customer satisfaction. The following are quotes from letters which have been sent by our clients during or following the projects that we have been involved with over the years. We are extremely proud of the supervision, craft employees and management who have been part of these projects in which we received client testimonials.

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Scheck Craft Network –
Remote Sourcing of Skilled Craftspeople

The tagline of our Company is Innovative Industrial Solutions since 1984 and that innovation has come from the competency of the Scheck Team. The largest ingredient to our success has been the loyal, dedicated workforce and since our humble beginning, Scheck’s team has built a strong foundation of commitment, innovation and dedication that is well known within the industrial, commercial and general construction industries.

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Scheck Trac

Scheck Industries, always on the cutting edge of innovation, has developed and continues to upgrade ScheckTrac, a Internet based remote time entry and cost tracking system that is fully integrated with the our Field Project Teams and Corporate accounting system. Our system is the genesis of over 25 years of continuous process improvement endeavors aimed at delivering the most efficient service in Industrial Construction.

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Project Management

The need for accurate and timely cost reporting as well as progress tracking is a critical element of delivering a successful project even more so with the massive amounts of data associated with large and complicated capital industrial construction. Fabrication and construction of mechanical processes and their numerous sub-components pose multiple obstacles unique to the specialty of industrial construction.

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Quality Control

Recognizing the critical nature of the processes we build and sophistication of the Markets we serve, Scheck Industries has developed and continues to enhance Web Based Quality Programs tailored to our Clients. The Quality System Programs, the Construction Procedures Manual, along with the Codes and Standards are available as a guide to our Project Team on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week.

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