Scheck Craft Network —
Remote Sourcing of Skilled Craftspeople

Clients often ask about Scheck’s ability to attract and maintain such a skilled workforce while working in so many Union Locals throughout the country. Scheck Industries has devised a National Labor Relations strategy. Recruitment for a project begins at the local level. All of our projects begin with a pre-job addressing labor resource requirements in detail. The local Building Trades Council is contacted, usually through the local UA Business Manager. We also talk to the International Reps and/or Business Managers, to find out the availability of craft around the country.

Much of Scheck’s success has come from the “Scheck Craft Network”, where an employee on a Scheck project tells others about their experience working for one of Scheck’s four Industrial construction companies. The Scheck Craft Network created by means of employing over 10,000 trades people since 2002 know the exceptional safety training, tools, material, equipment and the supervision to get the job done right. There is nothing a Union craftsperson likes better than a chance to do a great job. There are numerous examples of how this works around the country for Scheck Industries.

At the International Paper Power Project in Jay, Maine, we peaked at over 300 Pipe Fitters in an area with a low rate and open shop competition. Scheck pulled people from all over the country. At the PSEG Power Project in Linden, NJ, where P-91 welders were in desperate demand, resulting in travelers from 64 different locals around the country enlisting on the job to work with Scheck. This was followed by several projects for ConocoPhillips Bayway Refinery, whereby Scheck was instrumental in providing difficult to source and crucial quality trade craft for its client. In the past 25 years Scheck has worked in over 30 states and several hundred locals nationwide filling the needs of clients by supplying skilled labor workforce to complete the project.



Randy Peach

Bob Hite
National Labor Relations Manager
(708) 482-8100





"Congratulations to you on being elected Employer of the Year for 1990. I look forward to working with you and all your fine employees in the future. Again, congratulations."


Phil Prater
Business Manager
United Association

“The technical expertise of the journeymen and apprentices employed by Scheck enable the shop to work on a variety of products, and the end result always exceeds the customer’s expectations.”


UA Journal

"It is a pleasure working with professionals who take pride in their work”. (Niles West Project)


Richard W. Gungel
Institution of Electrical Engineers