Client Testimonials

Scheck Industries is committed to customer service, and this is what our customers have to say about us! 



Argonne National Laboratory
“I've been in and out these past few days and wasn't able to help when you left those calls about the sprinkler system. Still, it seems that, as usual, you found a way to get the job done and, I was just over there this afternoon and the Control Room looks great. Please extend our appreciation to the gents for the fine job.”

Steve Lomperski
Argonne National Laboratory


“A couple of weeks ago I met with Jerry Grant from ESQ, Argonne's Environmental, Safety, Health, and Quality Assurance division. While we were discussing some general safety issues, Jerry told me that, from his experience working with Scheck on non-APS projects at Argonne, that he thinks that Scheck is THE BEST contractor at Argonne. I agree. Please pass on this information to your team. It is great working with a group who is proactive about safety, and making sure that work gets done properly.”

Andrew Stevens
Argonne National Laboratory


Sunoco, Inc
“In 2009, your organization worked safely and achieved an OSHA Recordable Injury Rate that makes us all proud. It is clear that you and your organization take safety very seriously. In 2010 we must continue to work closely together to do all we are able to ensure “nobody ever gets hurt in our refineries, ever.”

Anne-Marie Ainsworth
Senior Vice President Refining


Exxon Mobil
“I have worked with several contractors and would be delighted to see the same level of craftsmanship, safety and productivity provided by Scheck industries. In the future, I hope you will consider looking at work in the West. Companies like Scheck are hard to come by.”

Tim Binkowski
Contractor Coordinator Executor
Dakota Gasification Company

Dakota Gasification Company
“When I saw each pipe spool had the distinctive bright yellow UA Union label and the Scheck Tag attached, I knew these guys were proud of themselves, their Union Brotherhood and the Company. Also, I knew the UA Label Represents a great deal of training by their local union to get these craftsmen to a higher level of workmanship which was made evident to me by the excellent welds on each and every pipe spool.”

Ron Webb
Plant Reliability Inspection Specialist

Kraft General Foods
"Your organization's involvement as the General Contractor made a significant impact on the success of the project."

Keith A. Martens
Project Manager

"All of this has been possible because of you. Your support and involvement in what has been done on the project produced this success and you should be proud."

Tony Barger
Leigh Dobbin
Art Oswald

"Amoco constantly monitors contractor safety on our projects, and the Scheck Safety Program proved to be excellent."

William E. Nystrom
Maintenance Supervisor
Gale Wheelis
Precommissioning Coordinator

"Scheck has worked on many boiler projects for us, everything from maintenance work to major component replacements. They have done a great job of planning their work, meeting their schedules, and providing good quality work."

Robert Meiners
Director, Power Operations Services

General Electric
"Throughout their assignment here, the Scheck team responded efficiently and competently to each new emergency with good nature and cooperation." "I would gladly welcome the opportunity to work with the Scheck team again."

Liam Pitcher
Commissioning Manager

"We would like to extend our thanks to each of you for your support and active involvement in our program."

Ray Brandolino
Andy Pollak

Fluor Daniel
"Scheck accomplished all their work in a timely manner and assisted other subcontractors who were needing help." "Your team, as always, performed well when they encountered unexpected situations."

Don Dozier

Fluor Construction
"Built with safety and quality. Another great team effort by Scheck. Once again you have proven to be a valued contractor."

Ralph Brand
Citgo Tier 2 Project

Corn Products
"There is no one we know who wouldn't happily give Scheck Mechanical Corporation a Grade 'A' on all levels."

George Fischer
Steve Randolph

"It's refreshing to know that people who truly care about services are still out there."

Tim Tippets
Director of Safety

Marathon Engineers
"Without your dedication, hard work and expertise, this project would have been much more difficult."

"When employers/engineers have the opportunity to work with people like you, they always gets the most for their dollar."

Lee Burlison
Don Lindberg
Jim L. Plott
Lyle Clark


Sverdrup CRSS
"We truly hope that Sverdrup CRSS and Scheck Mechanical Corporation have the opportunity to work together on future projects."

Patrick E. Cermak
Vice President
Timothy L. Mantych
Project Manager

Rust Engineering
"Scheck Mechanical's safety performance on this project has shown to be that of a contractor who has set goals and has a game plan to meet these goals."

Christopher S. Klanica
Safety Manager

Plochman's Mustard

Plochman's Mustard
"As the project progressed, we were no longer Plochman and Scheck, but a team with one specific goal".

Glenn Kutzer
Director of Engineering

Koppers Industries

Koppers Industries
"Because of Scheck's efforts, Koppers has been able to maintain its position as the leading quality supplier of phthalic anhydride in the USA."

George E. Trent, III
Plant Manager


Jacobs Constructors, Inc.
"I would like to commend you on the quality of workmanship and a job well done."

Bert Stafford


"I am sure that the quality of service and professionalism that has distinguished the Scheck groups will continue with this new venture and will prove to be a total success."

Fred Garcia
Executive Assoc. Vice Chancellor


"I just wanted to express my satisfaction with the performance of your crew on the work they did on my project this summer. They were professional and a pleasure to work with. In addition, they made significant contributions in helping to solve problems which arose during the project."

Fred Eskra
Sr. Process Engineer

Best Foods

Best Foods
"Rich, your people are uniquely qualified and continuously work together with us as a real team. They completed repairs very professionally and on a timely basis. Please let your team know that their professionalism and expertise is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work."

E. Pete Green, III
Production Superintendent


"The entire crew really put their back into the work and completed the critical loops needed to allow Calpine to synchronize the Steam Turbine Generator last night. Each worked hard right up to the last test."

Edward W. Luton
Start-up Manager

Casualty Insurance Company
"I would again like to congratulate Scheck Mechanical Corporation and Scheck Technical Services, Inc. for the well deserved Safety Award which was presented on September 19, 1994."

"Scheck Mechanical was one of four companies selected from 6000 policyholders to earn this prestigious award."

Thomas Tichacek
Sr. Loss Control Representative

Chesebrough Ponds
"It's absolutely great to work with people that know their job as well as these gentlemen do."

Linda J. Jeslop
Process Leader

Lake River Corporation
"Scheck Mechanical has come through again; Once again, I would like to thank you for your loyal service."

Ray Stevens
Maintenance Manager


"The Uno-Ven Company wants to express our appreciation to your company and its employees who participated in our recent Maintenance Turnaround. Their role and attitude are the biggest factors in how well any safety program works. They are the key element in any safety program. I want to thank your employees and look forward to working with your company in the future."

Jerry Hester

United Association

United Association
"Congratulations to you on being elected Employer of the Year for 1990. I look forward to working with you and all your fine employees in the future. Again, congratulations."

Phil Prater
Business Manager


"The construction went much smoother because of the trust that developed between the people of Degussa and Scheck."

Ron Choiniere
Engineering Supervisor

Townsend and Bottum & the Christman Company

Townsend and Bottum & the Christman Company
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all those representing Scheck Technical Services for the fine effort given to bring about a successful completion of the Menasha Cogeneration facility."

Thomas A. Alliston
Construction Manager

Madison Paper Company
"The Scheck organization worked in a professional manner, accomplished work in a timely and cost-effective manner—making adjustments in manning or scheduling when necessary—and was an integral part of our rebuild planning effort. I wouldn't hesitate to consider them for any future project work."

Michael R. Webber
Director of Maintenance and Engineering

Industrial Electrical Engineers
"It is a pleasure working with professionals who take pride in their work”. (Niles West Project)

Richard W. Gungel

Kelly BevWay
"We rely heavily on the talent and professionalism of Scheck to help us accomplish our goals. They continue to do an excellent job."

Bob Capua
Soldier Field Project

Stone & Webster
"We’ve had over 750 UA-trained craftspeople on our jobsite. They manned up quickly and met our schedule dates. Scheck provides a great labor force and truly professional management."

Ralph Wilson
Site Construction Manager