SH&E Overview

It is the policy of Scheck Industries to uphold the highest Safety, Health, and Environmental Standards to achieve an injury and incident-free outcome on every project.

Scheck Industries is committed to the concept that all injuries can be prevented.The basis for this concept is no injury is treated as an acceptable event in the execution of the work. Our performance expectation is there will be no injuries on our jobsites.

Scheck Industries believes that responsible Safety, Health, and Environmental practices go hand in hand with growth and profit and are important for a company’s long-term success. The Protection of Safety, Health, and the Environment is one of Scheck Industries’ highest priorities and we strive to develop a workplace where all employees are involved continuously in improving SH&E performance.

Management Involvement

The success of the Scheck Safety, Health, and Environmental Program comes from the leadership of top management. The owners and upper level managers at Scheck Industries lead and participate in the total safety effort to prevent workplace injuries. They meet regularly as the Corporate Safety, Health, & Environmental Planning Committee with the Director- Corporate Safety, Health, Environment, & Risk Management.


Staffed by a Director – Corporate Safety, Health, Environment, & Risk Management, and two other full time SH&E Professionals, as well as a staff of Site SH&E Managers and Engineers, provides the procedures, training, field support and auditing required to meet the demands of our projects which are often located in hazardous areas.

Off the Job Safety

Scheck Industries is a proud member of the National Safety Council and utilizes their resources both on and off the job. Family Safety & Health Magazine, published by the National Safety Council quarterly, is sent to all Scheck Industries’ employees’ homes. This teaches and reinforces the message to employees to “Keep Safety a Part of Everything they do, both on and off the Job”.

In summary, Scheck Industries has a complete Safety, Health, & Environmental Program which is an integral part of our overall commitment to Safety, Quality, and Performance.


Joseph Lasky Jr.

Joe Lasky
CSP, CHMM - Director- Corporate Safety, Health & Environment
(708) 482-8100



“In 2009, your organization worked safely and achieved an OSHA Recordable Injury Rate that makes us all proud. It is clear that you and your organization take safety very seriously. In 2010 we must continue to work closely together to do all we are able to ensure “nobody ever gets hurt in our refineries, ever.”


Anne-Marie Ainsworth
Senior Vice President Refining