Driven To Be Safe

Victory Lane for Scheck Industries - Over 4 Years and 4 Million Craft Hours without an Injury or Incident

No matter how big or how small, in the process of evaluating a contract for a new project the first question on the minds of Scheck Industries Senior Management Team is always, "Can it be built safely?"

The Tools of the Trade – Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Fire Suit, Gloves,
Harness, Communication

Scheck Industries' founder and highly active CEO Richard Scheck has enjoyed racing since his own drag racing days in his 1958 Chevy Impala on the streets of Chicago.

Knowing Rich Scheck's love of motor sports, the senior management team devised a uniquely innovative message combining the thrill of racing while demonstrating the organization's commitment to Safety.

In 2006 after a long affiliation with NASCAR Legend Rusty Wallace, Scheck Industries signed Clint Bowyer as a corporate spokesperson. Scheck's involvement with NASCAR provides a highly visible platform for the Company to advance Safety as the most important element of its business for Team members and clients/partners. The long-term relationship with Clint Bowyer, who has become one of NASCARs brightest stars, also provides a forum to expand into new markets through networking with clients, other sponsors and brand-loyal racing fans.

As one of the safest contractors in the country, Scheck Industries is known as going above and beyond the norm by re-investing in its program and communicating the significance of its safety culture.

Bowyer's high regard for safety is easy to see as he is walks various Scheck project sites while speaking to the Trade Craft Teams, sometimes over a 1000 strong, about their daily safe work plans. Scheck utilizes its affiliation with NASCAR to effectively spread the message of safety to its workforce, clients and other stakeholders throughout the construction industry. Bowyer has spoken at numerous capital construction sites throughout the US on behalf of Scheck, including operations meetings and social events, stressing the utmost importance of safety.

Scheck Mechanical Safety Stats

4 Years (+) 4 mm (+) Craft Hours Without Injury or Incident
  2013 2012 2011 2010 2009
TRIR (Total Recordable Incident Rate) 0 0 0 0 0


Clint's Career Stats

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
256 race(s) run over 9 year(s)
Car no., team No. 15 (Michael Waltrip Racing)
2012 position 2nd
Best finish 2nd (2012)
First race 2005 Subway Fresh 500 (Phoenix)
Wins Top tens Poles
8 119 2
NASCAR Nationwide Series
180 race(s) run over 9 year(s)
Best finish 1st (2008)
Last win 2009 Dover 200 (Dover)
Wins Top tens Poles
8 115 9


JAWS: Job Aids for Working Safely

Striving to think outside of the box, the Company developed a workplace Safety Program, JAWS, which includes daily talks and project protocol to keep workers aware of all safety related situational matters on a minute-by-minute basis. JAWS has been lauded by clients and peers as one of the most proactive Safety Programs in the construction market.

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