Each employee receives a copy of our Employee Safety, Health, and Environmental Handbook and is trained on its contents. Coverage is documented with a SH&E Training & Orientation Acknowledgement form signed by the supervisor/trainer. In addition, they are required to attend a general and site specific orientation on every project, if applicable.

Additional Safety, Health, and Environmental training is required for all supervisors/foremen using the Scheck Industries SH&E Supervisor Training Manual.

Our Safety, Health, and Environmental Department conducts specialized training required when our workers are assigned to high risk projects due to toxics, flammables, confined spaces, high work, or complex energy control situations.

Job Aids for Working Safely (J.A.W.S.) Talks are conducted daily on all Scheck Industries jobsites. Job Aids for Working Safely (J.A.W.S) Job Aids with a quiz are used for the weekly training sessions. At customer locations involving turnarounds or outages, additional job specific information is covered as required.
The Safety, Health, and Environmental Department conducts quarterly review meetings with all supervisors/foremen. These meetings are used for other safety program training as needed (i.e. drivers safety, fall protection, accident investigations, etc.) as well as motivational and behavior modification techniques.


Joseph Lasky Jr.

Joe Lasky
CSP, CHMM - Director- Corporate Safety, Health & Environment
(708) 482-8100