JAWS Program

Our Safety, Health, and Environmental Program Manual originally compiled in 1984 has been constantly revised through the years to comply with OSHA, EPA, and other government/local standards as well as customer and company needs and experiences. In 2008, Scheck Industries shifted into high gear by putting a new face on its Safety, Health, and Environmental Program. Scheck’s new program is called “Job Aids for Working Safely” or “J.A.W.S”. With components that include J.A.W.S. Daily Talks, weekly J.A.W.S. Job Aids, complete with a quiz; and J.A.W.S. Alerts for quick action, Scheck has taken its safety program up a notch to state-of-the-art status. This program contains the information, procedures, and forms that our managers and supervisors need to safely perform their work.









Joseph Lasky Jr.

Joe Lasky
CSP, CHMM - Director- Corporate Safety, Health & Environment
(708) 482-8100