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Welcome to the Scheck video library. Here you will find an assortment of Corporate Videos, Employee Testimonials, Scheck’s racing involvement and Community involvement. We hope you enjoy these clips as they are a testament to why Scheck is the preferred specialty contactor.

Corporate Video

Our strong leadership and highly skilled workforce are the key ingredients promulgating a 15-person team in 1984 to more than 10,000 craftspeople who have called Scheck home.

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Corporate Video

Scheck Industries and its group of family owned Companies, is proud to call 49 of the Fortune 500 and 7 of the world’s largest Engineering, Procurement and Construction firms clients.

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Rich Scheck, a Bona Fide Business-Community Leader,
and Friend

The individuals Mr. Rich Scheck impacts in all walks of life are profound. He employs thousands of people throughout the country in a highly stressful work environment while catering to countless Community and Political responsibilities and it’s all done mostly with a smile on his face. Mr. Scheck has done this for the last twenty years with ease and grace.

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Hon. Richard Scheck-Mayor (ret.)

Today, North Riverside is well known as a gem of a community and the good works of Mayor Scheck can be seen in every nook and cranny of the village. His legacy will ensure the Village will continue to prosper and families will grow in the decades to come.

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ScheckTrac has evolved into a best-in-class cost accounting and project controls system, providing Scheck and its clients with real time cost tracking, seamless one time payroll entry, state of the art productivity tracking, absentee analysis and other customized tracking data.

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Betty Scheck Shuffle

The loving, late matriarch of the Scheck Family would be proud of her husband and sons for the hands-on battle with this insidious disease and other Scheck Family community endeavors. The Scheck Family, led by Rick Scheck, has dedicated immeasurable time and resources to the greater Chicago area in the universal fight against Cancer.

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Seguin and Mayor Scheck

Retired North Riverside Mayor, Richard Scheck, has had over a 20 year affiliation with Seguin Services culminated by a donation in value of excess $1.6 million. More importantly, as the Mayor and now as a private citizen, Mr. Scheck has always worked to enhance Seguin Services’ role in North Riverside.

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Betty Scheck Senior Center

The dedication of the Betty Scheck Senior Center was a landmark day for the Scheck Family. Honoring their late Wife and Mother is the essence of the Scheck Family, their business endeavors, family, and are doing their part to help people who have trouble helping themselves.

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Seguin Craft Network

Rich Scheck on a 24-hour basis thinks about the safety of 1000s of his employees in dangerous work environments across the country. When it was brought to his attention regarding Seguin’s capital campaign and lack of fire prevention sprinklers at the Carr Center Rich Scheck was quick to act on the safety issue.

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Eddie Scheck Memorial Golf Outing

Eddie Scheck was beloved son member of the Chicago Pipe Fitters Local Union 597 brotherhood. Eddie was known throughout the country as one of the top construction talents in the Industrial Sector. Beyond being an outstanding employee Eddie lived life every day to its fullest and captured the hearts of those who were lucky enough to have him in their lives.

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Black and White Ball

Every year members of the Scheck family and Scheck Industries find a way to enjoy this great event. The party is testament that the American Cancer Society is working hard to save lives from cancer by helping people stay well, and empowering everybody to fight back. The party is the result of hard work behind the scenes to support the American Cancer Society.

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The Drive for Five

Clint Bowyer on approaching incredible new safety record.

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Avon Breast Cancer Walk, the Breast Friends-
In it to End it

With help from Scheck Industries and countless other supporters, life-long friends Megan Scheck, Katie Scheck, Megan Feinberg, Cori Spellman, Michelle Spellman, and Denise Howe pulled together when Cori and Michelle’s big sister Janice McCauley was in the throes of battle with Breast Cancer. She is currently in remission.

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Scheck Industries, ConocoPhillips, Bechtel, and Cenovus Energy's, "Race to Safety"

With recent permission from our client ConocoPhillips, Scheck Industries is proud to present the following video highlighting our safety program with NASCAR driver and company spokesperson Clint Bowyer while working for Bechtel on a capital project with three million 'safe' craft hours.

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Scheck Racing–Clint Bowyer

Scheck has utilized its affiliation with Clint Bowyer and Clint Bowyer Racing to spread the message of safety to its workforce, clients and others throughout the construction industry.

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Clint Bowyer-7 Days

Clint Bowyer, top NASCAR driver, enjoys a round of golf with members of the Scheck team at the prestigious Medinah Country Club to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

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Rusty Wallace

Scheck Industries and former NASCAR Winston Cup champion Rusty Wallace partnered together for the 2004/2005 NASCAR Busch Series team with driver Billy Parker. Rusty Wallace and other drivers have spoken at a variety of events on behalf of Scheck, including job sites, operations meetings, and social events, stressing that safety is the number one priority.

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Rich Scheck on Leadership

Rich Scheck, Founder and CEO, comments on old school business philosophy and how it’s developed a culture of success and leadership within Scheck Industries as well as the construction business at large. Scheck’s aggressive solutions-based methodology is one of our key differentiators.

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Rich Scheck on Reputation

Rich Scheck, Founder and CEO, comments on his families’ long term work as multi-generational tradesmen in the United Association of Pipefitters. Rich Scheck, as a fifth year apprentice in 1967, was the youngest Foreman in Chicago Local 597 by twenty years and since has earned his regional reputation which is now a national following by assisting clients in completing their troubled jobs.

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Rich Scheck on the Early Days

Rich Scheck, Founder and CEO, comments on his early days of entrepreneurship and the formation of what is now widely considered a construction powerhouse. Rich Scheck and Kathy Dalmer shared office space with a plumber and dentist while Kathy acted as the receptionist for all three businesses.

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Rich Scheck on the Old School Philosophy

Rich Scheck, Founder and CEO, comments on the old school philosophy of eight hours work for eight hours pay. Even today, with the scale and complexities of nationwide capital projects we typically perform, he is a firm believer in the old school contracting business where a handshake was as good as a legal document.

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Mike Scheck on Client Relationships

Mike Scheck, Director of Sales, comments on Scheck’s long-term client relationships and organic growth. Scheck’s family themed management style has grown the Company while maintaining valuable relationships with customers and employees.

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Randy Peach on Project Teams

Randy Peach, Vice President, comments on Scheck’s multi-disciplined project teams, our ability to perform in diverse markets and training new talent in the field. Scheck Industries maintain a senior team of project managers all of whom have deep industry expertise.

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Randy Peach on Labor Management

Randy Peach, Vice President, comments on the brotherhood of labor as well as management. The Scheck Family has assembled a uniquely qualified team allowing for great efficiencies in our operations resulting in the delivery of on time and under budget projects.

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Randy Peach on Capabilities

Randy Peach, Vice President of Piping, comments on Scheck’s capabilities as a true single source industrial contractor. Scheck Industries can fabricate, install piping, and set heavy industrial equipment as well as service commercial and institutional HVAC. In some instance Scheck has acted as the Prime Contractor, evolving into a multi-trade constructor in a wide range of markets.

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Russ Pritchett on Growth

Russ Pritchett, Vice President, Scheck Technical Services, comments on Scheck’s continued growth during the great technology advances of the construction trade over the last twenty years. Scheck Industries, while it has evolved into one of the largest specialty contractors in the country voluntarily prides itself on quality craftsmanship, on-time job delivery, and complete client satisfaction.

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Russ Pritchett on Pride

Russ Pritchett, Vice President, Scheck Technical Services, provides prideful commentary as 25 year Scheck Industries employee. Scheck has the rare pedigree of performing as a nationwide specialty contractor and the capability to manage and perform with multiple tradecraft and organized labor.

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Larry Seidl on Tradecraft

Larry Seidl, Vice President – Scheck Mechanical Wisconsin Corporation, comments on Scheck’s ability to draw quality tradecraft throughout the country. Scheck in a proactive diversification effort over the last decade has cross-trained project teams in all of its markets.

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Kathy Dalmer on Management

Kathy Dalmer, Controller, comments on the large scale of Scheck’s field labor force and the Scheck Family’s hand-picked management team. The Scheck Family is involved in its businesses on a daily basis and continues to oversee operations by visiting job sites and meeting with clients.

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Bob Hite on Safety

Bob Hite, National Labor Relations Manager, comments on Scheck’s industry wide reputation as one of the safest contractors in America. Scheck Industries has won Mechanical Contractors Association’s Excellence in Safety awards two years in a row for the category of 1 Million+ work hours. Safety is deeply ingrained in the culture of Scheck’s job site protocols.

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Wendy Victoria on Employee Value

Wendy Victoria, Accounting Manager, Scheck Mechanical Wisconsin Corporation, comments on the Company’s exemplary treatment of its employees. As a family owned and operated Company, Scheck values its work force across the board as individuals while maintaining its corporate horsepower to service large capital construction on a national basis.

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