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Scheck is at the forefront in providing piping fabrication and installation for alternative and renewable energy projects throughout the country, such as ethanol, biomass, wind, solar and geothermal power markets. With our years of power generation experience completing over 65,000 MW of new and existing power projects, Scheck is well-positioned in providing clean, alternative and renewable energy solutions.

For nearly 2 decades Scheck has had a history in variations nationwide of the "biofuels" industry. From the corn based ethanol industry construction and fabrication; hydro powered turbine maintenance; turkey litter fed Bio-Mass boiler erection; to the methane gas to energy landfill turbine and mechanical installations at various sites Scheck has evolved as the industry has dictated. Below is a quick peek at what industries Scheck has, and will, participate in under a variety of disciplines:


Scheck has experience providing management participation in the following industries and modifications:


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