Mayor Scheck -
20 Years of Community Leadership

Mayor Scheck’s pledge back in 1989 during his campaign was that he would be in the mayor’s office every Saturday morning that he was in town for any resident to see him and he held his promise for 20 years. As a 5-term mayor, he created so many programs in the village that catered to children, golden agers and everyone in between. When he became Mayor the town was divided into 2 distinct parties and when he retired in April of 2009, the town had become one united community all working together for the betterment of its residents. He brought an old-fashioned directness and emphasis on service to government and politics from his experience as a successful businessman. Rich said at the swearing in of the new mayor in April of 2009, “The residents of North Riverside gave me an opportunity to do something that people dream about and never get an opportunity to do it, and for 20 years. I think I have helped to make a difference in this town and that is what I wanted to do from the very beginning.” After 20 years of mayoral service to the North Riverside, the town he undeniably loves, Mr. Richard Scheck retired leaving his community a better place than when he started. As a testament to his profound leadership upon his retirement the very first act of the new village board was to honor Scheck by passing an ordinance renaming the Village Commons government center the Richard N. Scheck Village Commons.

We have included a video that was done for his retirement party which you should definitely watch as employees, other politicians and Rich’s family pay tribute to the job that he did by saying thanks!


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