Hephzibah Children's Home

For the past seven years the Scheck family has been involved with trying to make a difference in the young children’s lives at Hephzibah. From making each child their own special package on their birthday to helping decorate the home during the holiday season, the Scheck family truly enjoys time spent with these precious children. The home is the place where those who first came to us as small children, now come back to visit as adults. It is their foundation, their anchor. It is where their childhood memories come back to life.

Hephzibah home knows tragedies and triumphs, overwhelming sadness and the redemption of broken lives made whole.

Hephzibah’s present home is the latest in a series that started in 1897. It was built in 1929 for the then princely sum of $81,670. It is a handsome and sturdy home built for the Hephzibah mission of making a home for children who don't have one of their own.

For the children of Hephzibah, the home is a place where there is stability, predictability and love. It is a place to stay for a short time or a long one. It is a shelter along their road where they can be free of fear, worry, neglect and loneliness.

For those who care for the children of Hephzibah, the home is a place where the rewards are never what were first expected. It is a place where the children give far more than they will ever realize. They show us the beauty of life and the sheer joy of helping another find that beauty.

The children of Hephzibah have the same difficulties and talents, the same hardships and happiness, the same delight in small successes as children everywhere. For many of them, Hephzibah is the first place where they can truly be children, to be themselves as only children can.

Hephzibah is a place for children. For the children who pass through our doors, it is a place where every single day they will be loved and watched over, sent to school and helped with their homework, their clothes cleaned and placed in their bedrooms, their birthdays remembered and celebrated.



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