Environmental Sustainability

The Scheck Family has participated with The Nature Conservancy to support educational equipment acquisitions, The Andros Conservancy and Trust Bahamas and Bahamas National Trust to conserve one of the largest fish nurseries in the world, the west coast of Andros and the Bahamas National Park system. Scheck Industries has also supported multiple scholarship funds supporting continuing education for local students throughout The Bahamas.


The Nature Conservancy:

With support from Scheck Industries, the Nature Conservancy’s Northern Caribbean Program Office was able to implement “green meeting technology” which resulted in a reduction in its travel budget and allows it to network with colleagues and partners virtually. This also reduces TNC’s carbon footprint directly by reducing the number of miles that they travel both by air and automobile. As an example, this technology comes in handy for conducting inter-agency meetings in Nassau when it is not able to get together in person. Additionally, TNC as a member of the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Projects GEF SGP steering committee and with committee members situated in Jamaica and Abaco, it has been able to make a significant contribution by offering the use of our conference room for monthly meeting of the GEF SGP and utilizing this green technology to facilitate meetings remotely.


The Bahamas National Trust

The Scheck Family has been a proud sponsor of The Bahamas National Trust and its efforts to preserve and maintain hundreds of thousands of acres throughout The Bahamas including the Central Andros National Park, which is 286,000 acres in size.

The accomplishments of the BNT are diverse and impressive. The first marine replenishment area in the Wider Caribbean was established by the BNT in 1986 at the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. The West Indian Flamingo and other endangered species have been rescued from extinction. Hundreds of thousands of acres of valuable wetlands, forests, marine environments, and tropical ecosystems have been protected.

Innovative, award-winning contributions have been made to Bahamian environmental education and curriculum development. Several thousand Bahamian school children participate in BNT educational programs each year. With a reference library described as "the best in the region", the BNT continues to be a major resource center and clearinghouse for scholars, organizations, government agencies, teachers, and students conducting research on conservation in The Bahamas.

Some of the earliest promotion for protecting the environment as the foundation of tourism and the introduction of ecotourism originated from the BNT. The Trust makes vital contributions to fisheries and wildlife management, environmental protection, historic preservation, coastal zone management, sustainable development, environmental impact assessment, game bird management and tourism development.

The Central Andros National Parks protect a significant portion of wilderness including blue holes, coral reefs, mangrove wetlands and pine forest. These marine resources, unspoiled open spaces, wetlands and wildlife are all essential to sustainable living on Andros.

West Side National Park secures critical habitat for conch and bonefish. It is also an important feeding area for West Indian Flamingos. Andros Barrier Reef National Park protects two spectacular areas of the Andros Barrier Reef. Blue Holes National Park preserves the highest concentration of blue holes in The Bahamas. Some of these blue holes contain rare species of fish, and shrimp as well as Lucayan artifacts. Acres of pine and coppice forest are also secured within the limits of this park area. Crab Replenishment National Park ensures a sustainable land crab population for the benefit of Androsians and all Bahamians.

A naturally functioning, giant ecosystem, the component parts of the island of Andros are as breathtaking in their beauty as they are significant in their value. This first phase of park designation focused on Central Andros, and paves the way for additional protection in the north.


What's protected…




ANCAT- The Andros Conservancy and Trust Bahamas

The Scheck family has been a proud supporter of ANCAT whose mission is to protect, preserve, enhance, and restore the natural resources of Andros Island and its marine environment through education, conservation and management for future generations.

History of ANCAT

The Andros Conservancy and Trust (ANCAT) Bahamas is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, founded in 1999 to protect, preserve, enhance, and restore Andros Island’s natural resources and marine environment for future generations. ANCAT was initially formed in 1997 by a group of concerned local government representatives, bone fishing guides, and resort owners who felt the need for greater local and national commitment to preserve Andros’ vulnerable natural resources. We are governed by a ten member Board of Directors comprised of a cross-section of local community members.

Over the years our major accomplishments have included helping achieve protection status for grouper spawning aggregations, assisting in establishing the 283,000 acre Central Andros National Park System, and in obtaining and implementing conservation projects in the Central Andros National Parks. Our strength lies in working at both the grass-roots level to involve local communities in conservation efforts, and in partnering with a variety of national and international partners.


The Nature Conservancy The Andros Conservancy and Trust Bahamas


The Bahamas National Trust